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Welcome to Finial & Parquet's Questions & Answers. Here you can find the most asked question on our website. If an question was not answered here, you can contact us here or click on "Contact Us" on the top of this page.


Why am I being charged Vermont Sales tax when I live in another state?

 Do to our store having a physical location & not physically shipping from a warehouse, we are required to collect our state & city's sales tax where applicable.

How is your shipping calculated?

Shipping is based on the amount you spend and increased based on area lived. We use UPS for majority of shipping. At the moment, pallet shipping is unavailable so we can't ship it if it cant fit in a shipping box. (For example: tables exc.)

Do you do consignment or allow me to sell my item to you?

Yes, we have a consignment form you can fill out on our website, click here to fill it out or you can find it on any page at the bottom called "Consignment Form". We discourage coming into the retail store to consign.

How do I track my order?

We made it easy to track your order, just click here or at the bottom of any page you will see "Order Tracking".

Why was I refunded for an item/order? Most of the time its due to an item you purchased that already sold in our store in the same day or was to heavy or too big to fit in a shipping box. We normally will call or email you with more information. Please read more here.