Spotlight: French Provincial Knock-down Wardrobe


Yes, you read correctly, "on a shelf." If you have a luggage rack on your mid sized or even small car or SUV (or covered wagon), this could be knocked-down wrapped up and headed to home to be reassembled in all its grandeur.

 The top, crown is removed, the back is slid up and away. The doors removed from the sides are stacked flat with the bottom board and the shelves. The ornate pieces can be removed and stored in a box for safe transport.

Would you believe this piece of furniture was removed from the attic in which it was discovered by one person. Truly a remarkable find and remarkable craftsmanship.

French Provincial

What makes French provincial furniture so popular? This type of furniture was made using exotic woods such as mahogany and rosewood. Distinguished by ornately carved embellishments and delicate features, French provincial furniture was popular back then and is still popular today.

Finial and Parquet

We are admirers of method, material and craftsmanship. Now and again we stumble on a piece that has a historical story or ownership that makes it elevated in value.

Mostly we try to acquire fun and/or unique, pieces that serve a purpose. This store is a result of that admiration.

Then and now

Books...take a current day paperback book in hand. In the other take a book, nearly any book from, let's say mid 1800's. Notice the spline work with its raised bands, the cover or designs on the fore-edge. This, a comparison basic in nature that expands into architecture and furniture.

Purchase & Pricing

The consumer, you and I, set the pricing. I utilize my purchasing time to find value in valuable items. I then provide them to a market with the anticipation someone will agree and align with my efforts. The antiques we present are not of less value because they are priced less than another merchant. This French Provincial Wardrobe allows me to demonstrate my point.

This piece has no known back story, it is however a remarkable piece of material, method and craftsmanship. The price currently on other sites is over $20,000 HIGHER than what we are asking.

Sometimes we miss the mark that warrants a backstory or artistic price. In that instance you and I are still aligned. You found a valuable item at a value.

Asking Price: $3,499.99


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